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Thank you guys for all your hard work these past few years, you have been through a lot. Always be strong and be healthy! I love youuuuu! <3

I never thought that i would be part of this fandom, but here i am celebrating their anniversary. Hahaha! Since i watched their PV of Super Delicate way back in 2012, *actually i was force by my friend to watch it* kekeke, I always thought they were cool. Inoo was the one who catches my attention first, but then i saw Yuya and thought isn't he the one from gokusen which i always go kyaaah-ed, instead of my loving Haruma?! I loved Yuya since then. My friend gave me the other members names and I memorized them but i didn't became a fan in that instant because i am very much into KAT-TUN and i was checking out Sexy Zone and was a bit kpop fan so there. Then years past by and i stumble upon them again, I have never forgotten their names or their faces, at that time there was another friend who knew JUMP but was never a fan then i introduced them to her we both became a fan in an flash. I was really happy that i became their fan, although i regret the years that past which i knew them but not always kyaaah-ing over them, i still feel happy! I am glad that they made it this far! <3
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