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I wrote a fic! Actually it's my first time writing a story. Any kind of story since i am more into poems. Lol. This was the one i mentioned before. I asked my friend [livejournal.com profile] heysayuyan to proof-read it for me since my grammar sucks.

It's a TakaInoo fanfic tho i inserted my two other OTPs. I separated it into three parts since i didn't notice that i made it soo long. So there. Hahahaha. Here's Part 1

I smile wryly as I saw the man in front of me. For god’s sake, why does it have to be him? I questioned myself as he said “So Mr. Inoo, are you willing to work for me? I’m in need of an architect who can design a house within a month, and my friend, Yaotome, recommended you.” Sarcasm was present in his tone or maybe I’m just imagining it? I’m not sure. It doesn’t really matter anyway. Unbelievable! One month? Is he fucking kidding me?! I whispered to myself.

Instead I said,
“Uhmm Sir, excuse me, 1 month?” I asked unbelievably.

“I know 1 month is a short period come up with a design for a house, but I need it to be rushed before my wedding.  And I know this project is good for your portfolio?” Oh wedding. I felt a sudden pain in my chest.

“You’re right sir, it’s good for my portfolio but a month is just too much… I also need to find an engineer too…”  My voice fades as I remember that he is one. I feel dumb for asking.  I blamed my whole system for failing whenever I see him.

He looked at me with a face saying ‘I’m an engineer. Can’t you see? But instead, he just said “I can work with you. All I need you to do is to design a house. I’ll help you with all I can.”

“Oh o-okay.” I said while stuttering, mentally cursing my dumbness.

“So can I get you to report tomorrow at 8 in the morning?” I simply nodded my head in agreement.

“Alright. It’s settled. You may take your leave now. Thank you.”

I looked at him one last time before taking a few steps to the door of his office. He hasn’t change at all, his dark brown eyes that I loved, his hair that used to wrap my fingers, those lips that used to kiss my lips, his deep voice that he used to whisper to my ear, his whole being that used to be mine. God! How I miss him. Tears suddenly escaped from my eyes as I remember the look on his miserable face while begging me not to leave.

I suddenly remembered those past five damn years,

~ ~ ~ ~


“Un?” He watched me go over him while holding a bowl of popcorn. I walk towards him and placed the bowl of popcorn on his lap while squeezing myself more to him to lessen the space between us. “What are we going to watch?”

“A walk to remember.” He simply answered as he placed his left arm around my shoulder and using his right hand to munch a popcorn. I chuckled and looked at him teasingly. “I didn’t know you’re into chick flicks.”

“Shut up!” He faced me but averted his eyes to hide his embarrassment. I just love it when he’s shy.

We quietly watched the annoyingly sweet movie that I was never a fan of but knowing that Yuya does, made me want to give it a try. Besides, seeing my cool boyfriend failing to prevent his tears from falling is just a lovely sight.

Moments after the movie ended, Yuya turned off the TV and DVD set then walked quickly to the comfort room. But I’m pretty sure that he’s just going to let out his tears because of that tear-jerking movie.

A burst of laugher came out of me. He’s just too adorable. “What are you laughing about?!” He returned with his eyes slightly red. He yelled as he steps out of the comfort room. I just innocently shook my head.

“What do you want to do next, Kei?” He replaced himself on his spot on the couch and I squeezed myself to him again. With my most innocent look, I faced him and said, “Uhmm..Sex?”

He looked at me wide-eyed for a second but took it back as quickly, giving me an access to see his reddish cheeks. “Idiot!” he exclaimed. A burst of laugher came out the second time. Teasing him has just became my new favourite hobby.

“I’m kidding, you know!” I smiled at him lovingly.

“It’s not even funny!” He said with a slight irritated yet amused tone.

“Yuyan…” I caught his right cheek with my left hand to make him face me.  I leaned closer, acting as if I’m about to kiss him but stopped midway because he is blushing too much. His girly reaction made me snort. “Wa-wha-whatt are you doing?!” He tried to take his face away but I avoided it with my hand. Using my other hand I cupped his face and continue to get closer to him until he’s finally lying on the couch with me on top of him. As he was about to close his eyes, l took the moment to bite the tip of his nose as hard as I could.

Surprised, he immediately opened his eyes and pushed me, “What the heck, you idiot!” He said while touching his now-red nose. “Sorry Yuyan, it’s just that you’re blushing face is so damn cute.” He just glared at me for a minute before standing up and walk straight out of the living room. For the third time, but louder this time, a burst of laughter came out of me.

~ ~ ~ ~


I wonder where that man go. He just disappeared because I teased him

“Yuuuu yannn!”

I saw him standing in the balcony staring at the stars. His back figure was so nice. It looks so sexy somehow. I couldn’t help but hugged him from the back. He grabbed my hands and squeezed it lightly. I rested my head to his back. It was so warm. He then suddenly utter words that brings shiver to my whole system.

"Kei, after graduation let’s get married”

He didn’t even waited for my reply and slowly face me and kiss me passionately I obediently responded. We spend the night staring the stars with my head resting on his shoulders. I knew I fell asleep. I remember him carrying me to his bed. And gave me a kiss on the forehead.

I looked at the man beside me I scanned his sleeping face. His eyebrow that slightly furrowed, his soft hair, his long eyelashes, his nose, his lips. Kyahh  I swear to God. This man is beyond perfection.

“Unnn?” seems like I wake him. So Handsome!!

“Breakfast” I said. He just ignored me thus he grabbed my hands and hugged me that make me fall on his bed.  I fell right on top of him. He whispered “I love you” to my ear with his morning voice he bit it lightly.  I can feel his heartbeat in my chest as he hugged me tighter. “I love you too. Yuya” I responded and gave him a morning kiss.

“You have classes today right?” He said in between our meal.

“Yes, why?”

“Nothing. I just wanted you to check on Yaotome if he came to class today” I was about to ask him about this. Yaotome is Yuyan’s bestfriend. Most of the time Tome and I hang out together since Yuyan’s building is so far from ours. Tome and I are taking up BS Architecture while Yuya is taking up BS Civil Engineering. I met Yuya through Tome since Tome always bring me when they hang out together. Most of the time Tome was the one always by my side since Yuya is busy with his studies.

“What’s wrong with tome? I don’t see him this past few days.”

“Nothing” He just responded softly and his face has this worried expression.

I finished my class for today, I didn’t see Tome again. Our professors asked me about his whereabouts because they knew I was always with him. I answered them honestly and said he doesn’t pick up our calls and He doesn’t contact me neither Yuya.

I suddenly heard my phone ringing and flashing Tome’s name on the screen.
~ ~ ~ ~
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